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Clan MacGregor
Fifteen of Scotland’s finest malt whiskies from the heart of Speyside and the great Highlands have been skilfully blended with select grain whiskies to create the smooth and mellow flavour of Clan MacGregor. A reassuringly high quality yet affordable Scotch whisky, Clan MacGregor is enjoyed by many around the world.

As one of Scotland’s greatest Highland Clans, the MacGregor’s trace their legacy back to Gregor, son of Alpin, King of Scotland in the 8th Century, brother to Kenneth MacAlpin, the king who first united Scotland. It is this royal lineage that gives rise to the Clan’s motto of "Royal is my Race". The MacGregor story is one with a unique history. Outlawed and almost erased from existence, members of the Clan were forced to change their name or be punished by death. But it was the few who kept their name in defiance and carried on their Clan’s name who embody the spirit of the Clan.

Nose – Vanilla sweetness mixed with maltiness and peated notes

Taste – Rich, with a hint of smokiness and baked apple.

Finish – Sweet and clean, with delicate sweetness.

Colour – Pale golden.
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