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VM Finance Group
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Together we go further – thinking bigger, trying harder, caring more.


We work for a better life…
We provide solutions for your growing needs.
We gain respect through our success and reliability.
We grow smarter as we learn and share our knowledge.
Our moral compass is corporate social responsibility.
Our strength lies in the variety of value products offered and in our customer-oriented approach.
We are successful because we understand the power of shared ideas, creativity and innovative thinking.
We aim at maintaining high business standards and passing them on to the next generation.


At the core of our organization are:
people who create relationships based on teamwork, mutual respect and support,
people who are firm believers and who possess the energy and motivation to achieve results, and people who are responsible, loyal and honest in their work.

Effective management, experience-sharing and costumer/partner-oriented approach are the key to our long-term success.


Family Atmosphere.   We appreciate openness and honesty. We support and care for each other. Diligence and taking pleasure in one’s work are always highly valued.
Respect. We respect those, whose achievements and enthusiasm contribute to the recognition, development and success of our organization.
Confidence. Self-confidence is always welcomed, arrogance is never tolerated. It is the company that we are proud of.
Intention. We are looking for success in the long-term by establishing sustainable business. We seek new opportunities. We encourage initiative. We inspire and implement ideas, which change the market and leave a trace behind.
Flexibility and adaptability. We work dynamically and we provide short decision paths. We welcome novelties and react positively to changes.
Self-criticism and Responsibility. We encourage constructive criticism. We take responsibility for our actions, as well as for the mistakes made in the course of our professional development.
Management. We keep our word and we care about our reputation. We think and act systematically, manage effectively and create standards and clear-cut processes.
Focus on Customers and Partners. Our costumers’ and partners’ satisfaction is central to our long-term success.
Leadership. We strive for leadership in each market segment we are active in.